• Accommodation
    The deadline to reserve accommodation has expired but the Secretariat will undergo its best to comply with last moment requests, however under reserve of availability.
  • All booking forms for accommodations and transport, etc., were included in Bulletin No.2, and can be found here.
  • Team Leaders are to notify the Organizing Committee of any changes in their accommodation requirements or travel arrangements to Mr. Lukas Marecek,, Tel: + 420 261 174 301, Fax: + 420 261 174 307, HOTLINE (during event only): + 420 602 301 302.
  • Any changes to Team Entries or Numbers or Crew Compositions should also be notified by email or fax to or fax to +420 244 463 778.
  • Transportation
    Daily transfers to the race a site as well as transportation from/ to airport are prepaid in Package Offers, thus will be automatically offered to everybody who booked one of our Package Offers. Transfers can be ordered and paid in advance by participants staying at official hotels too.
    There will be no transfers available for participants making their own accommodation arrangements. In this case please allow yourself ample time to navigate through the Prague traffic in order to get to the Regatta site in time. There will be no delay of the racing schedule because of late arriving crews.

    For those making their own accommodation and transport arrangements, be advised that the Races will not be delayed for late arriving crews, so allow yourself ample time to navigate through the Prague traffic to the Regatta site.
  • Regatta Fees

    Regatta Fee is compulsory not only for competitors but for everyone who needs the official accreditation enabling the access to the official places and championships village. Regatta Fee is quoted per person and valid throughout the whole championships:
    EUR 50,- per person, for National Crews
    EUR 55,- per person, for CorCom Crews
  • Payments
    Payment deadline referred to regatta fees and other related costs was due by July, 2006 exclusively via bank transfer. From this moment all Teams and individuals will be kindly requested to settle their fees on site, upon arrival, preferably in cash, including 5% on site fee plus expenses charged by credit card companies (3-5%) in case you wish to pay by credit card. As explained in Bulletin 2 we are not able to guarantee clear identification of late bank transfers.
    Accreditation will not be given until all Fees are paid.
  • Photographs for accreditation
    The Organizing Committee required passport sized photograph for every person listed on the Named Entry Forms. These photographs should be sent by email in advance, to the Organizing Committee, by filling in the section Accreditation. Teams not submitting them in advance may find that their accreditation on arrival will be very delayed.
    All trainings and entry to the official places will be allowed only with the accreditation card!
  • Identification Checks
    Competitors Accreditation (Identity) Cards, with the photograph of the person concerned, will be endorsed with a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Random ID checks will be carried out, on competitors during the Championships by the Race Officials, to ensure that only those Competitors shown on the Named Team Entry List are competing. Competitors in National Teams will also be selected for random Drug Testing by their PIN.
  • National Flags and Anthems
    National Team Leaders are asked to bring with them two (2) Flags of the country that they are representing, of a size of approximately 2m x 1m. The Flags are carried by a Team Representative at the Opening Ceremony. The second will be flown during the Championships at the Regatta Course. Teams are also requested to bring with them a CD record of their National Anthem. Both Flags and Anthems should be made available for checking against those designs / versions, held by the Organising Committee. Club Crews may also bring their Club Flags.
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