• Medical Support. Teams are advised that the Organising Committee will provide a full emergency service on site. There will be paramedics and an emergency ambulance standing by on site throughout the races. The ambulance will be directly related to the emergency hospital in the city. Apart from the ambulance facilities their will be a Fist Aid service on site for minor emergencies.
  • Competitors & Team Leaders Declarations
    All competitors over the age of 18 are required to sign the Competitors Declaration of medical fitness and financial responsibility, a copy of which is shown at Enclosure 5 to this Bulletin. Team Leaders are asked to photocopy this Declaration for each Team Member or sign on behalf of their Team members provided the Names and Signatures of the competitors concerned are printed on the reverse of the Declaration Form. All such Declarations, duly signed, are to be lodged with the Organising Committee, on arrival. Team Leaders are required to sign their own declaration (Enclosure 5) and on behalf of those Team Members who are under the age of 18.
  • Fit to Race. The signed Competitors Declarations’ are also required in order that Team Officials can sign the Crew Lists (see below) concerning ‘Fitness to Race’, with confidence.
  • Medical Declarations. A competitor who for medical reasons has been prescribed a substance on the IDBF Banned Substances List (copy included in the Technical Matters) must declare such medication, on the Medical Declaration Form for Banned Substances. The Form must be handed in to the EDBF appointed Doctor on site during the Championships who will retain any such forms for the duration of the Championships.
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