• Anti Doping Tests. Anti-Doping tests will be carried out on members of National teams competing in the Championships, by Anti-Doping personnel from the Sport’s Anti-Doping Directorate. The test will be conducted in accordance with the IDBF Anti-Doping Policy and in line with the procedures recommended by the World Anti-Doping Agency.
  • Crew Lists. A Crew List showing the competitors and reserves who will be racing in a particular Competition Class must be submitted, by the Team Leader or Crew Manager, to the Chief Official, ideally at each Team Leaders Meeting but no later than 1 hour before the first race of the day in which the competition takes place.
  • You are reminded that when signing the Crew List, the person signing is confirming with the Chief Official, that all the competitors shown on the list are Fit to Race. This statement covers not just the physical ability of the competitors to undertake the race concerned but it also means that the signatory is confirming that there are no known medical reasons why those listed should not compete during the whole period of the Championships.
  • Racing Numbers. Competitors Racing Vests must have attached to them, during a race and clearly visible, a Racing Number. This number will be in the range of from 01– 26 and shall relate to the number shown on the Crew List against the competitor concerned as a means of immediate identification during a race. The Racing Number is for easy ’on the water’ identification for both safety and disciplinary reasons.
  • Boat Pool. All Teams are advised that only those dragon boats provided by the Organizing Committee will be permitted to race in the Championships. A pool of twelve (12) Dragon Boats built to the IDBF International Standard Racing Dragon Boat Specification (ISRDB) will be provided in three (3) sets of four (4) boats per set. The minimum weight for an ISRDB is 250 kilos. All boats will be pre-weighed to within 10 kilos of the heaviest boat, in accordance with IDBF Competition Regulations
  • Boat Allocation. Crews will be allocated to boats in accordance with the Lane Draws detailed in the IDBF Tail Race Plans. Crews will NOT be allowed to pre-select a boat for any race or to race in a boat not provided by the Organisers.
  • Competitors Paddles. Only IDBF Licensed or Approved paddles will be permitted at the 2006 European Nations Championships. Paddles not made to the latest IDBF Racing Paddle Specification (Spec 202a), that is paddles that are marked with an EDBF or Manufacturers Approved Paddle mark, are subject to random checks against an IDBF template and if found to be out of compliance, may not be permitted. IDBF Licensed Paddles with a Spec 202a Manufacturers Mark, will be allowed without a further compliance check.
  • Start Video and Photo Finish. A fixed video camera will be placed in the Starting area which will record all Starts and assist the Race Officials in determining that Drummers are complying correctly with the starting instructions. This camera will also be used to help identify false starts. A fixed photo finish camera will be used at the Finish to record all boats as they cross the finish line.
  • Crew Training. Practice Times for training will be allocated to Crews on a daily basis, on request, to the Organising Committee and confirmed on arrival in Prague. Team Leaders/Crew Managers should notify the Org Com, by crew – Junior Open, Senior Mixed, Premier Women, etc, on the proforma attached as Enclosure to this Bulletin, of the preferred dates and training times for their Crews and the Tech Director will try and allocate times as requested.
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