• The Opening Ceremony will take place at 1900 hours on Friday 1st September in the Championships´ Village next to the Regatta Course. Every Nations Team should nominate one person as the flag holder for the opening ceremony. After the ceremony will follow music concert in the same place.
  • The Closing Ceremony will take place at approximately 18.00 hours on S3rd September 2006, in the Championships´ Village next to the Regatta Course, after the last race of the European Nations Championships.
  • Celebration Dragon Party - A Championship Celebration Party will be held after racing on Sunday evening 3rd September 2006, from 19.00 – 22.00 hours at the Regatta Course. This will be followed by a fireworks and music concerts. The cost of the Championship Dragon Party, which will include a buffet meal and drink, will not exceed Euro 28 per person. The party is open to all Teams and Crews, Supporters, Officials and their families. Teams’ wishing to perform a sketch, party piece, dance, or cultural demonstration at the Celebration Party are asked to respond to in order to schedule these performances. It should be three to five minutes in length. Please bring any needed music, CD´s, etc.
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