• Insurance of Participants
    Every participant should by according to the rules of the organizer Czech Dragon Boat Association insured. The participants have to effect an insurance on-site during the accreditation process. Without the respective proof the accreditation cannot be effected.

    Insurance for treatment costs for foreigners in the Czech Republic:
    What can be insured:
        Treatment costs
        Extra costs for medically necessary transfer
        Active Assistance

    Tariff by insured term:
        Insured term from 1.9.2006 (at 00:00 hours) to 4.9.2006 (at 00:00 hours)

    Insurance benefits:
        Treatment costs - Czech Republic 30,000 / equivalent of CZK 1,000,000.
        Extra costs for medically necessary transfer of CZK 600,000
        Active Assistance of CZK 600,000
        Repatriation CZK 250,000
        Dentistry CZK 5,000
        Extreme ski slopes CZK 20,000

    Price: 15 per person
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